Comment Policy

Talking is good right? You bet but only when it’s enlightning and productive and civil. Keeping that in mind we hope you can follow a few simple rules to make sure everyone gets the best out of our commenting system.

  1. Be respectful. Not everyone has mastered technical wizardry and  Everyone has there own opinions and preferences.
  2. “You need the right tool for the right Job” . True but one app or platform may be right for one person and wrong for another. Theres always different ways of doing things. Linux/Windows/MacOs are all good for different reasons. Different distros have different good and bad points. Everyone is entitled to use what they like without harrasment.
  3. Critisism is good if it’s constructive. (For example if we missed something or got it wrong!) Let us know feedback can only make things better.
  4. If you want to expand on any posts feel free the more information given to a subject the better. Help for others is always welcome, Its what makes linux so great for support.
  5. We know sometimes talking about what to cook for dinner ends up with a conversation about Steve going on holiday to Tenerife. But please keep comments on topic.
  6. Don’t push your way towards an argument. If your not happy with a comment flag it up. Don’t engage instead grab a beverage, take a break, come back and look at it objectively.

We will try to moderate the comments to the best of our ability, we will NOT accept:

  • Bad Language, What you may deem aceptable, others may not. Keep it clean or wash your mouth out with soap and water.
  • Threatening behaviour of any kind. Best behaviour please otherwise we’ll tell your parents/responsible person.
  • Racism/Sexism/homephobia etc. We don’t care if your purple with 3 legs and an affection for root vegetables. We’re all equal and everyone will leave this earth with exactly the same thing as when they started.
  • Trolling of any kind. It’s just not normally having hair that big and flurescent. Neithers wading into a conversation to abuse others.
  • Blatent self/product/service promotion. If you want us to look at something let us know about it through the contact us section. We are not your own personal marketing platform.

As always we reserve the right to close comment sections or remove any comments that we deemed to have broken our guidance. One of the advantages of running your own site is we can spit our dummy out whenever we like!

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