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Thanks for visiting us at FreeYourDesktop. We are an online magazine blog about using Linux as a desktop OS. Love it? hate it? or just curious? Linux is a fantastic OS to use on desktop and laptop computers. With its wide range of uses from mobile to servers, there’s no end of information about it.

So Why are we different?

We concentrate on using Linux as a Desktop operating system. Searching the internet about using Linux and you will find a wealth of information about it, but we condense it down to what’s important to an everyday user. Want to know how to install and configure a version control system? then you’ve come to the wrong place. Want to know how to install an email client or play retro games? we’re able to help.

Our aims for our readers

  • To inform of new developments and applications for Linux focused around desktop users
  • To show our readers practical everyday uses and capabilities of Linux
  • Learn about how to customize and make good looking desktop environments
  • To help solve common occuring problems with Linux Software.

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