Mate Desktop Environment 1.22 released.

After over a year of development. The Mate desktop environment version 1.22 has been released bringing with it over 1000+ fixes and code upgrades.

New Features

  • The mate-panel has been updated to provide better compatibility with the Wayland display server.
  • The Marco window manager has been updated to work with v3 of Metacity themes and provide modernized window and desktop switching.
  • The session manager now properly terminates all processes on systemd. Applications can now be auto-started after a user-selected delay.
  • A number of programs have been ported to Python 3. These include the eye of MATE and python-caja plugin libraries, as well as the mate-menus library.
  • The Caja file manager can now optionally display desktop notifications for long-running file operations.
  • Tabs in pluma now have the ability to be switched with keyboard shortcuts and mouse scrolling.
  • The calculator can now support up to 15 characters of accuracy.
  • Some new key shortcuts have been added, including support for different types of media keys like Bluetooth, WiFi, touchpads, and global killswitches.
  • A number of internal code changes, projects have now migrated from dbus-glib to GDBus, and multiple memory leak fixes have been applied.

About MATE

The Mate desktop environment is a fork of the Gnome 2 project. developed in response to the initial negative feedback of the changes brought into Gnome Shell. Mate fully supports GTK+ 3 application framework. It is designed to provide a traditional desktop experience whilst using newer technologies. It is available to install in most distributions and it comes pre-installed on versions of Ubuntu and Linux Mint.

How to install

If your running Ubuntu you can install mate via terminal with:

sudo apt-get install mate-desktop-environment

If your already running Mate an updated version will be available through your OS update manager.

Why Use Mate Desktop Environment 1.22

With this latest update Mate goes from strength to strength. Providing a traditional desktop layout, updated with modern technologies. Highly configurable it’s Ideal for running on slightly older and new machines alike.


Are you a Mate Desktop User? How do you rate it? Feel free to share your experiences in the comments below

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