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10 best linux icon themes

Every Linux distribution comes with a couple of nice and clean icons themes. Many users just stick to only those themes and never try other awesome themes they’ve in the bag. In this article, I’m going to list out 10 best Flat design Gnome icon themes that you’re going to love. So let’s get started!

10 Best Icon Themes For Linux

If you’re also a fan of new Sleek design that are popular on the web, you will like Vimix. Its sleek design makes it stand out to number one in our list. Check out the screenshot.

As the name suggests Flat remix icons are the flat icon designs.

This set of icons is simple but unique. The outline design looks beautiful on dark and light themes. There are different colors variations such as red, blue, orange etc.

Another Flat icons for flat design lovers. Zafiro icons are available in 8 colors and my favorite one is ‘Black Red’.

If you’ve ever used Deepin OS you most likely loved its icons pack. If you now want to use Deepin Icons in other distribution then here you’re are.

If you like to use Mac like icons in your Linux distro, then you have Mojave CT icons. Also check out our article on how to transform your Linux distro look like Mac OS X.

Tela icons are flat and colorful design icons available in 11 colors. Check out the screenshots below –

Marwaita icons pack is another flat design based on Flat remix icons pack.

9. Suru Plus Master & Dark

Suru plus master & dark icons set look beautiful when used with light themes. Just look at the light design.

And the last one in our list is Oranchelo. It is also a flat icons set available in multiple colors.

So that’s it. Ahove are the 10 best Flat icons set for Linux. There are a load of icons set for Linux distributions and you might be using icons that I haven’t listed above. Just let me know which icons set you’re using in the comment section below.


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