Running Windows 95 on Linux, Mac, and Windows 10 Just Got a Lot Better

Developer Felix Rieseberg released a new version of his Windows95 Electron app that lets users relive the old Microsoft Windows 95 experience on Linux, Mac, and Windows 10 computers.

Windows95 v2.0 saw the light of day earlier this week and it appears to be the biggest update to the application since its initial launch in August 2018. The new release introduces support for sound, better support for HiDPI/4K displays, as well as the ability to “reset” a machine, according to the developer.

Furthermore, it looks like the Windows95 v2.0 release is even bundled with a few video games so you won’t get bored while you’re trying the old Microsoft Windows 95 experience on your Linux, Mac, or Windows 10 computer. Among these, we can mention A-10 Tank Killer, Doom, Wolfenstein 3D, and Grand Prix Circuit.

A completely new Windows 95 disk image with new apps

The new game selection included in the Windows95 v2.0 release is accompanied by a few old school apps like Microsoft FrontPage WYSIWYG HTML editor, Microsoft FrontPage Server, and Netscape 2.0 web browser. These apps and games are now installed by default in the Windows95 app so you can enjoy them out-of-the-box.

Of course, this means that the size of the app got a bump from around 100MB to almost 300MB, but that shouldn’t be a problem these days when we have ultra-fast Internet speeds. Under the hood, there are some performance improvements like the fact that there’s now about 500MB of free space in the virtual disk image so you store more files.

A completely new Windows 95 disk image was added as well, and the app has been updated to Electron 4.0.4. You can download the Windows95 v2.0 app right now from GitHub. Packages are available for macOS, 32-bit and 64-bit Windows 10 (standalone and installer), as well as 64-bit RPM and DEB-based GNU/Linux distributions.

Playing DoomPlaying Doom

Playing A-10 Tank KillerPlaying A-10 Tank Killer


Source: Running Windows 95 on Linux, Mac, and Windows 10 Just Got a Lot Better