Maybe, Downloading Wallpaper Is Easy, And After All Were Using Wonderwall.

Wallpapers are the pinnacle of a custom desktop, they add personality and style. Getting wallpapers to match both GTK, QT or Gnome Shell Themes can be a time-consuming effort searching and sometimes resizing or modifying. One tool that can help easily find that killer wallpaper you’ve always been looking for is Wonderwall.

Wonderwall is a powerful gnome desktop wallpaper manager. That allows you to browse, download and apply Wallpapers from a huge collection of wallpapers. The user interface is so neat and powerful that makes managing your collection of images very simple and straightforward.
Features included are:
* Search wallpaper using Colours, Tags, Categories, Resolution, Popularity, Views,
Rating etc with the powerful filter tools.
* Crop/Scale Downloaded wallpaper to make it fit into your Screen Resolution.
* Browse through the world’s largest collection of online 4k and Ultra HD Wallpapers.
* Categorize Downloaded wallpapers.

Install Wonderwall in Ubuntu 18.04

Snaps are available in the Ubuntu software Center or install from the terminal by entering:

sudo snap install wonderwall

Download and install as a .deb package here, then siimply double click on the downloaded file and install through the Ubuntu Software Center.




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