Thunderbird 60+, local folders are GO (away!)

The Thunderbird email client has been knocking around for 15 years. with its wealth of features and themes, it’s no wonder it’s the default email app for many distributions. With many users relying on hosted email for ease of use, having local folder storage folders is not particularly useful. The trouble is the can’t just be removed. There was an add-on many moons ago available through thunderbird extensions. It hasn’t been updated since 2014. The extension still works perfectly but needs the maximum version it supports updating.

How to update the extension:


  1. Download the extension from here
  2. rename the file in your file manager from hide_local_folders-1.04-tb.xpi to
  3. OPen the zip archive
  4. double click to open the install.rdf file
  5. Change the line <em:maxVersion>24.*</em:maxVersion> to <em:maxVersion>60.*</em:maxVersion>
  6. Save the file.
  7. Rename the zip back to hide_local_folders-1.04-tb.xpi

If that’s all a bit too much messing around feel free to download an updated version from here.

All credit goes to Alex Cabel the original author.

How to install Extensions:

Open the settings menu in the top right of Thunderbird and select Add-ons> Add-ons

In the new tab that opens select extensions on the left-hand side and click on the gear icon that appears on the top right. Select Install Add-on From File and navigate to the modified file. select and click OK.

Restart Thunderbird and local folders have disappeared! Magic!

Thunderbird should have the option to turn this feature off in my opinion, However, thanks to its plugin architecture it can be done.

Do you have a favourite extension? would you like its features to be added by default? Let us know in the comments below.



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