Share your mouse and keyboard easily with Quick Synergy.

One mouse and keyboard and 2 computers? For example, you want to use a desktop keyboard and mouse with your laptop, but don’t fancy having to unplug it from the desktop machine. The solution Quick Synergy, a simple GUI client to control synergy easily to share a keyboard and mouse between two devices. In this example, we will show how to share between two Linux PC’s, with a Desktop Pc having a USB keyboard and mouse (The server) and a laptop (the client). With both connected to the same network.

Quick synergy offers simple setup for sharing, however, the full synergy package is able to configure many more options, and will interface better with clients that are available for Windows, Mac and even Android to allow sharing between multiple devices in any direction you configure.

Install Quicksynergy

Install the software and dependencies on both machines by opening a terminal and entering:

sudo apt-get install quicksynergy


Find the hostnames of each computer by typing hostname on both.


make a note of these as we will need them to configure both computers.

Setting up the server:

On the PC with the mouse and keyboard attached open quick synergy


Pick a box to give the direction you want the mouse to run off the screen to go onto the second machine. (usually best to pick the physical location of the second screen in relation to the first) Click on the box and enter the hostname of the computer you want to share the Keyboard/mouse with. Click execute and the server will start running.

Closing this window will minimise it to the tray, and keep it running.

Setting up the client:

Open up quick synergy on the client and click on the Use tab:


This time enter the hostname (or even the IP address if you have a static Ip) in the box as detailed. Click execute and Quicksynergy will connect to the server. Now (fingers crossed) you should be able to run the mouse off the screen in the direction you chose and onto the second machine.

Quick synergy will remember the settings on the next time you open the application so to start you will only need to execute on both machines.

Want to go cross-platform?

Installing Quick Synergy also installs synergy, enabling for wider configuration.

Want to autostart synergy? check out the ubuntu HowTo along with more info.

Server & clients for other platforms can be downloaded from here:




Do you share devices across machines? Want to share your experiences? let us know in the comments.

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