Enable Gnome Shell Extensions on Ubuntu 18.04

Gnome extensions extend the functionality of Gnome Shell in many different ways from adding features, to changing the look and feel of parts of the desktop. All installable from one single repository at https://extensions.gnome.org/, On a clean install of Ubuntu extensions are not enabled by default. (Although a few custom extensions are loaded as part of the Ubuntu user interface)

Getting access to Gnome Extensions

First, open a terminal and type,

sudo apt-get install chrome-gnome-shell

Next, open a web browser either Chrome/Chromium, Firefox or Opera and head to https://extensions.gnome.org/, A popup should appear asking you to install the corresponding plugin to access the extension website. If not then they are available here:




Once installed adding Gnome Shell extensions is as easy as visiting the website selecting an extension and toggle the switch to install and activate.


Do you have a favourite or amazing extension? Why not share in the comment below?



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