Check the Steam Play status of Windows Games.

Valves recent release of Steam Beta with Proton, the WINE and DirectX compatibility feature has got the Linux world in a bit over excited, and rightly so. Gaming restrictions on Linux have always been one of the biggest obstacles to Linux adoption as a desktop OS. Over the few weeks since the release over 1000 extra games are now playable through the steam gaming platform on Linux. Looking set for not slowing down anytime soon, you can check reports and submit tests to an online database of games. Steam Play Compatibility Reports offers information and workarounds for games that other users have tested for compatibility. Steams official whitelist of compatible games contains 27 titles, but SPCR website lists users collectively being able to run over 1300 titles with platinum rated status.

You can check out the website here

If you want to test the SteamPlay feature, test games and hopefully contribute your findings to the development, follow the steps below to install and set up your steam client:

Install the steam client

you can find the steam client in the Ubuntu Software centre


This will download the steam installer, simply click Launch once finished and it will automatically download and install the latest version. Log In and head to Steam>Settings> Steam Play. Select the all the options and click ok. Steam will now restart with the updated beta client. You can now download games from your library and begin testing.

Have you got a favourite Windows game that you would love to test on Steam Play? Let us know in the comments.

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