10 Beautiful Icon Themes for Ubuntu.

Customisation, the freedom to change anything easily, to create visually stunning desktops to look and function as required. Not being tied to how the desktop looks and operates is one of the many perks of being a Linux user, Want this dock here and that window control over there? Easily Solved, unless it’s planned to launch all programs from a terminal window, some good looking icons are required.

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Here’s 10 Beautiful Icon Themes to enhance your Ubuntu Desktop




Probably, in my opinion, one of the best icon themes available. Providing a flat material design, with clear distinction and outlines. It has over 3500 icons, support for folder colours and a selection of hardcoded tray icons, Recommended to use with Arc Dark or Adapta Gnome Shell Themes.


Suru ++


Designed for use only on Ubuntu, An elegant, modern and sweet Suru icons based on the original  Suru Icons by Sam Hewitt, This Icon set is available in monochromatic, dark, and a desaturated blue for integration with the Telinkrin window theme.Icons are also available in normal and dark for compatibility with Lubuntu

Suru++20 is a variation of this theme designed to support other desktop environments


Flat remix Icon Theme


Flat remix is a pretty simple icon theme inspired on material design. It is mostly flat with some shadows, highlights and gradients for some depth and uses a colourful palette with nice contrasts. It compliments both the Flat remix Gnome and Dark Gnome themes,


Zafiro Icons


Minimalist icons created with the flat-design technique, with washed out colours and always accompanied by white. the priority is simplicity. Perfect for a modern light desktop where strong colours will detract away from the overall theme.




Get carefully crafted, bright and clean icon-theme for Gnome Desktop. Shadow is a flat icon-theme for gnome 3.10+. The icons have a colourful circular base with long shadow. An interesting variation is being developed, called dual, the icons have two-toned backgrounds instead of long shadows.


Flat Icons Oranchelo

Flat Icons Oranchelo, is a set of flat icons some with long shadow, designed by Adolfo Silerio (Zayronxio). originally based on super flat-remix, This theme has inspired several remixes, however the original is frequently being updated with new icons.


This is a fork of the popular icon theme Faenza, primarily developed for dark themes. It comes with completely redesigned mime type icons, lots of new and reworked app icons and multiple folder colours. Faenza is one of the most popular themes, and this set continues and compliments its development

Plane icon theme for Ubuntu


Not much can be described regarding this icon set. A simple and perfect flat design, containing subtle gradients for elegant minimal desktop layouts.


Yosa Max Icon Theme


One thing to be said for Apple is the graphical design of their icon sets, So much so that there are many OSX inspired collections for Linux. Yosa Max, a free-form, bright, and clear icon theme while maintaining some of its subtlety. This icon theme is originally based on the popular la Capitaine icon theme, with a different kind of style to differentiate it from the original one.

Griffin Ghost


Griffin Ghost is a minimalistic icon pack, Whilst many others we have featured are bright and colourful. These simple but well defined white icons can work well with dark themes and backgrounds.


Customising your desktop to look fabulous can be rewarding. There are hundreds of icon sets available out there, hopefully, these will give you a starting point to get that amazing looking Desktop.

Do You have a favourite Icon set you think everyone should know about? Let us know in the comments below.

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