Streaming Amazon Music In Linux


Chances are if you’ve got an Amazon Echo device, you’ve bought one of the subscription services with access to music, With between 2 and 40 million songs depending on the subscription it competes elegantly with the wide choices for online streaming services.

Amazon have developed apps for Iphones, Android devices and windows 10 and even have a web player. and typically left out Linux Users. Until now.

Listening to the web player doesn’t work on chrome/chromium and firefox requires the flash plugin installed.

Step In Daniel Däschle and Amazon-music-linux. This electron powered app provides a standalone interface to access the web player and using a user agent switcher tricks amazon into thinking it is running on a windows machine which means it doesnt require flash to run.

The app provides full media keys support, although you have to login everytime you open the app.

Availible to download in deb,rpm and pacman format from here


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