Return Of the Tenticle – unofficial sequel to “Day of the Tentacle”.

If you’ve spent your youth wasted away playing iconic point and click SCUMM based adventure games then prepare to get a little excited.  Because a fan based prologue to Day of the tenticle has been released. The deveolpers describe it as:

“A fan project and the unofficial sequel to the iconic adventure game “Day of the Tentacle”. Purple Tentacle is back and tries to conquer the world and enslave humanity once more. The three friends Bernard, Laverne and Hoagie make their way back to the mansion of the mad scientist Dr. Fred – time travel should help saving the world.”

Best of all it’s availible on linux.

“Hunt down megalomaniacal Tentacles, have bizarre conversations and solve crazy puzzles. Bernard, Hoagie and Laverne roam hand-drawn locations filled with elaborately animated characters and atmospheric music and sounds”

And there not wrong from the opening sequence this just oozes the feel of the original game.

“Control the characters just like in the good old 2D adventure game era with your mouse. A modern interface awaits! Apart from familiar faces of the original game, you will also encounter guest appearances from characters that belong in other games”

Made with unity it is compatable to run without having to configure a scummVM environment.

Want to try then download the game from here.

Simply unzip the downloaded file and double click RotT.x86 for 32bit or RotT.x86_64 for 64bit systems.

There is one bug already noted that affects the mouse pointer not correctly rendering but this does not affect the gameplay in any way noted.

Have you come across any of the other characters or have any fond memories of the original? then let us know in the comments.


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