app – how to install themes the easy way is a one stop theme store for finding not just themes, but icons, cursors, wallpapers, app skins and anything else you could think of themeing. It even hosts some apps. but that’s not the best bit. It has it’s own Appimage app to browse through the archives and provides the ability to download and install as well. Cutting out the need to download compressed archives, expanding them and setting the correct permissions to place them in with other themes. Viewing Installed extensions, enabling them and removing them is all possible from within the app.

Currently supported are these desktops include
KDE Plasma, Gnome, XFCE, Mate, Cinnamon, Budgie, LXQt, Elementary and Enlightenment.

Installing the Opendesktop app.

Install the appimange launcher and then visit click on download and select the option that appears below to get the latest version.

Open the file from either the browsers downloads your file manager and select Integrate and run.

Find the theme you want for your desktop. And click install followed by ok on the popup.


Nest go to the Installed option on the toolbar to see whats installed select your chosen theme and click apply to activate.


Super easy customizations. Done.

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