Making a Chrome browser based web app

Not so much of a web app, but more of a way of integrating websites into shortcuts in your application menu. For this we will invoke a chrome window with no toolbars which will automatically load our selected website.

For this example we’ll make a google earth app. Although Google Earth has a native linux app, This has a nice user interface, good looking loading screen and works well with touchscreen.

To start open the chrome or chromium browser and go to

select the options menu and go to

More tools>Create>Shortcut


Then select Open as a window and click Create


Note: Due to changes in the way Gnome Shell is handling desktop icons the icon doesn’t appear correctly on the desktop, but works fine from the applications overview. I haven’t seen any problems on other desktop environments i’ve used.

To Delete the app open the menu editor for your desktop and delete the shortcut.

Any website can be used for this but heres a list of some amazing ones

Flowkey – An online piano tutorial

Duolingo – Free online language tuition

BioDigital – An Interactive 3D breakdown of the human body.

CycleBlob – A 3d Tron/Snake game built using WebGL

Adobe Spark – Create various graphics for print or the web

If you know of an interactive website that world fit perfectly as a standalone chrome app, let us know in the comments below


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