Facebook Chat on Pidgin IM in Ubuntu 18.04/Mint 19

Pidgin is a multi platform and  protocol chat client that offers a single interface to connect to many different networks  with a host of plugins (Although some have been depreciated by service changes)

Pidgin integrates with Gtk desktops like Gnome shell seamlessly and supports many additional features like emojis.

Lets install pidgin and required files, open a terminal and type:

sudo apt-get install pidgin

this will install pidgin and all it’s required dependencies we now need to get the libpurple-facebook plugin to connect to the facebook messenger service by entering the following into a terminal.

wget https://download.opensuse.org/repositories/home:/jgeboski/xUbuntu_18.04/amd64/purple-facebook_20190113-0.9.6-0250907-166_amd64.deb

No lets install the library with:

sudo dpkg -i purple-facebook_20190113-0.9.6-0250907-166_amd64.deb

Now open Pidgin from your apps launcher and follow the instructions on screen to add a new account.

Screenshot from 2018-07-20 11-11-25

You can find your user name by logging into facebook in a browser and going to your account settings. It will be displayed in the form of https://www.facebook.com/username

The Password is the normal password you use to log into facebook. Pidgin won’t be able to login to facebook just yet though and will throw up a connection error. To get around this go into Tools>Plugins and select NSS Preferences and click Configure Plug-in. Set The TLS/SSL Versions to Maximum TLS 1.2 as shown in the screenshot, and close. You should now be logged into facebook messenger and recieve notifications when friends are online.

Install emojis

Although Pidgin includes some emojis its possible to expand them along with themes and other plugins You can get a bigger range of Facebook compatible emojis from opendesktop.org here

Simply download them and open tools>preferences>themes then using your file manager drag them into the pidgin window.

Got any other interesting tips or workarounds for Pidgin? Let us know in the comments below.


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